Is it so hard.. say sorry? What a GRAND divide for people who can’t admit they are wrong. I’ve said it like a flippant slap in people’s face, but I’ve said it and meant it as well. Times are so hard and I say I’m sorry because of the situation they are in. I hate the way people are lashing out and creating terrorism in our cities. I can go on, but this story delves deeper than any news. Domestic terrorism and emotional abuse is a real thing! I’m not talking about a snide remark, I’m talking about every moment thinking you’re wrong.

My Father’s Father was a crotchety old bastard, I loved him, but he said, “Don’t do anything your sorry for and you won’t have to say you’re sorry.”

Easier said than done, I know. We all make mistakes. I am blind 100% on my left side, and I accidentally spilled a glass of water today as I was reaching for it. Fortunately it was 101 degrees so evaporated before anyone noticed.

I believe there are levels of remorse just like love. Admit when you are wrong, forgiveness inevitably follows. Blaming a person for things out of their control and trying to make them feel small is oppression..abuse! Silence when you need a kind word is abuse.

What is this blame thing? It’s assigning blame!

Assigning blame is something I have a REAL problem with! If I harm you in ANY WAY I will do everything in my power to right the wrong.

For instance, I went to visit my besty in North Carolina. We were taking her boat out. Dropped the boat in the water, and I took the truck and trailer to the parking area. I grabbed her puppy, on the leash, keys and headed down to the boat. Cooper darted off, my flipflop slipped, and I was being pulled by my knees down to the boat. I recovered, started running after the puppy. When I got down to Brandi at the boat I accidentally dropped the keys overboard. They went down fast in the murky waters.

I spent 30 minutes, and I don’t know how many dives with no snorkel, dive equipment, and ZERO hope on a dock I had never been to, until I found the damn keys.

If you want to make things right show that you are serious. ACT. Take that extra dive, show you can, “man up”. I see far fewer people taking responsibility and way to many assigning BLAME! MAN THE FXCK UP!

Everyone start loving, caring, and STOP blaming others. Take RESPONSIBILITY for your SHIT! I will not be the fcvking scapegoat ANYMORE!


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