Done with excuses…

I have WONDERFUL amazing friends.  Thank you for hanging with me for so long and putting up with me.

I’m sick of excuses!!!

This is where my problem lies..and I QUOTE
“Well I knew it was happening to your brother.  I never knew that she did it to you.”
“Only your Uncle can touch you there”
“I knew but didn’t want to say anything. ” 

You ALL should be ashamed!  no one should make excuses for pedophiles and rapists but YOU DO!! not one person reading this doesn’t know what Eric did to me or Paula…it’s old news. Have you felt something or seen something, turned your back?

Every child who is abused. 
It’s now on us as adults!

This isn’t crazy talk, this is REAL!
IF ANYONE reading this knows that a child is being hurt and you make no effort to are a  conspirator to commit a felony and I hope they have fun with you in jail!  I’ll pay for your stay!

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