I’ve stolen this..people need it. I need it…

As we all know sometimes we can fall into unconscious states, seeking advice from people who will shore up our point of view, we seek allies to our perspective. And we can even edit what we reveal to them to get the answer we desire. We can fall into mental loops, perhaps saying something over and over again hoping to make it true. We can overlook facts and manufacture narratives that fit the desired story and minimize the danger.
And we can be driven in life by unconscious desires that become irresistible urges, especially when we feel we have been deprived or victimized. We can say we are following our heart when we are really following a wound.
And in these times, those that know and love us, see us heading in a direction that is perilous and they try to bring it to our attention. And we may get angry at these people and call them unloving and say “They don’t really understand me, they are trying to control me.” Sometimes we dig in so hard and so deep that we become like an immovable rock. We go into our male energy, stand our ground and fight back. And sometimes we just can’t let it go.
We’ve all been on both sides and I understand it. I have been that person unconsciously driven into perilous situations by hidden wounds and desires, those around me saying “What ARE you doing!?” And I have been the person on the outside trying to awaken the person from the unconscious state, holding out my hand saying “Just take the life-line!” Sometimes they grab your hand and try to pull you under too, making you the bad guy.
When someone is heading for the wall at 100 mph, if they are determined to hit that wall, sometimes you just have to step out of the way and let them, because nothing you say or do is going to stop them, and then just wait and see, wait for a window of opportunity, a sign of readiness, wait for their ego to be weakened and when they eventually cry for help, perhaps that will be the time to return. We cannot force someone into readiness. They have to come to that place organically through the cause and effect of their actions.
Bottom line, you have to recognize when you are no longer being of assistance to another and recognize when it’s time to walk away and offer them up to the divine. When they become abusive, distrustful, accusing all bets are off.
Sometimes LOVE IS the simple act of giving someone their freedom.
Sending love and prayers for the highest good.

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