I’m calling out..thanks Dad

So, I had 8 surgeries and 54 weeks of treatment in 2 years.  Mom came 3 times to help me.  Stepdad..zero. I was told he had to work. Didn’t have to work when he wanted to hunt or fish.

You all hooked your trailer to the wrong team. MOM made way more money than Mick. She is the one in trouble now, and not a single Harris will help.

Mom keeps trying to tell me Mick loves me. 

He came to Idaho to visit 3 times.  Once when I was told I had cancer.  Twice to hunt Elk.

In 2019 I was released from the hospital on Christmas Eve. No one came. I had not one family member come.

I had such high hopes for a good family.

How could I have been this dumb?

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