Reactions to calling out Dad..

The responses deserves to be here…

Aunt Pat, Mom’s sister, says..I don’t understand why you would post this if we are to cast everything that is not of God wouldnt that be past hurts, abuse, misunderstandings?? Like your Mom & Mick who have done So much for you when you were hurting and in pain and needing help with finances? We all love you and have prayed constantly for your health. What hurts the most is knowing all the people who have read your posts and believe us all to be just a terrible family. We ALL have been through tough times you can choose to find a way to handle it or let it rule your life. THE CHOICE IS YOURS or choose to help others who have been hurt. WE CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST

Mom says,, Andy
Mickey and I love you. We all have faced moments when frustration leads us to lash out. These last few years you have endured much more than anyone can imagine. I thought allowing you to vent would run it’s course. I was clearly incorrect. Relationships are best served with healthy doses of honesty on all sides. We all make choices over the years that we regret. Mickey and I included but I have a marriage that I cherish. We all have incidents that define or shape our lives. Only you can choose how those events shape you. If Eric molested you in your childhood i am sorry. Most women i know have been me included. I do not however allow it to rule my life. I hope someday you will choose to focus on all the love you have in your life rather than the negative.
Mickey and I both have made mistakes in our relationship but Mickey loves you and me. He is my choice as a life partner and he is a good person. Please paint us as fairly as we do you. Only you can choose what to do with your life but I hope you CHOOSE to focus on the family that asks for the same support you want from us. Love and honesty.

I said..It’s interesting how many people lurk in my blog. You’re choices, Micks manipulative and your health has suffered. Nothing i can do but pray for your safety, and worry, as I have endlessly since you moved to Missouri and now Orlando. Since you have broken ribs, clearly I have a reason to worry. I love you, I want the best for you. Now, at best you are 7 hours away by plane in one of the county’s largest outbreak of the pandemic. GREAT plan considering both of your underlying issues. How did you feel when I was in the hospital for 7 days at Christmas and you couldn’t get to me? What I will do is help my friends and family as much as I can. Which now isn’t much. The state is only recommending I quarantine for 14 days. Who knows what will change. I have been honest. Mickey is a generous man, no doubt about it. I’ve watched him give away your money for years. I’ve watched him cost you your house, lose your savings, gamble everything away, pay for everyone’s way, and on and on. I saw you afraid to go into Walmart during the day without his escort because you were scared. Now you’re in the second highest crime city in Florida. Is it too much to ask that you live in a safe city in the entire state? 🤔

Mom replied – Do you really think I have no voice in where I live and how I spend the money that both Mickey and I have made over the 33 years we have been together? You make me sound pathetic like I have no voice. Anyone who knows me will confirm that perception is inaccurate. All of our kids have benefited from the gifts that we have distributed, you included. Giving up the house was my decision and mine alone as it was in my name. Yes Mickey went through a learning curve 30 years ago when he first started consulting and it cost both he and I a lot. I alone made the decision to stay with Mick and give up the house. That is my right. I would not want to be judged for poor decisions made half a life time ago. I can fall and crack a rib anywhere even in Boise. There are few places today that can escape the proximity of crime. That is why Mickey and I choose Guard gated communities and have CCWs. Mickey has not gambled for 20 years or mare. Can you please focus on your own life instead of trying to tear mine apart. Both Mickey and I love you but both of us want to live in Florida. Our choice is Florida for many reasons and yes the virus is here and everywhere else. We are responsible for keeping ourselves safe. We have made life changes here that are improving our weight and health and we are happy. Please try to be happy for us. We love you but need your support not your criticism. At 75 years of age I think I have earned the right to live where I want however Mickey and I will always love and support you from wherever we are. 🙏Please.

There were 2 other reactions but I screwed up…

2 thoughts on “Reactions to calling out Dad..

  1. I am deeply sorry that your anger at your cancer, your early years, your parent and step-parent, your relatives, your choices, others’ choices, have resulted in what you feel right now. You cannot change the past. All you can do is change how you feel about the past. You have a lot of options; all of them are in the present moment.


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