Tonight’s topic…

Sorry it’s been so long, but I had trouble getting back. The new phone and this app are not working well. This is to important to not battle the technology!

Tonight a topic came up and I wanted to share.

This is from a private support group, but I know these same feelings are struggles for women, everyday on some level, since before the mirror was invented…


Hi guys just wondering if any of you have gone through how I’m feeling at the moment???
So I keeping thinking about the person I was before cancer and how much I miss me
Is this normal??
I’m a 13 months post treatment

(Tears welled in my eyes, even now, knowing this pain. So I had to kick out of pity mode. Here is my response to a woman who is drowning. I was her not so long ago, like this morning putting on lip liner.)


Of course!!! I aged 20 years in 1, but we are WARRIORS and SURVIVORS! 8 surgeries 10 hospitalizations and 2 years later I now own 6 companies i knew nothing about!

Cancer cannot take how much you love! Don’t ever give the power to the disease or struggle! Find instead the undeniable STRENGTH and POWER in you !!! Days of self doubt will come and go! Look back pre-cancer, you ALWAYS had those days!!! If you allow depression to take over and call it “cancer” you were just waiting for the right excuse all along. FIGHT! FIGHT LIKE A GIRL!!!, to all of you

START each day from a place of LOVE! It’s the strongest weapon you have! Love yourself and each other! That’s the ONLY way!

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