I’ve been wrong before….

I would love someone to contradict me.

Like most people I was told there are 2 sides to every story. When I studied philosophy I realized my own ignorance.   Stories are dimensional, time, perception, and relevance.  

Democrats fought with soldier’s lives to keep slavery. KKK was started by the Democrats, and I thought I had to be one too. I didn’t know you could love unconditionally AND support Regan.

When you are a soldier in wartime and you kill doesn’t make you a murderer.  I had an abortion when I was a kid, and I feel like a murderer.

I was raised by lesbians, and was told they were going to rot in hell because of their sexuality.  My Aunts had a first class seat to the pearly gates..

Then the priest were exposed as pedophiles and NEVER sent to prison.

In politics I see both sides and there’s danger lurking.  In the new Judge there’s danger on both sides.  I hope that a Judge upholds the law and justice prevails.  I hope a lot!

I pray for peace.  I wish all crime and hate could be removed.  When I see, hear, and feel the opposite prevailing I’m going to take a stand!  I meant crime and hate.

I will listen.  I am not above change.

If you hurt your fellow man I will do everything I can to see you brought to justice.   That’s it. 

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