Piece by Peace

The day started so well..

My excitement had me awake 30 minutes before the alarm went off at home in Boise.  I was at the airport 30 minutes earlier than I needed to be.  Finally after the pandemic, I was going fishing in San Diego and seeing the people I have loved for 25 plus years!  Everything went AMAZINGLY WELL! 

Taking off

First class ticket for $250, AWESOME, rental car $16/day, incredible room ( privileged info as ex-employee), no lines, anywhere, and it couldn’t be more perfect!

Rental car bus all to myself.
Beautiful room with a view

Spent a little time at the pool

Had lunch with a fabulous friend ALL before 1pm!  What an AMAZING DAY!

The birds were happy, I was happy

Then halfway through a fabulous fish taco I crunched down on something hard and my drama free vacation changed.  Radiaton caught up with me again.  I was told that radiation would destroy the enamel on my teeth and they would have to be replaced.  Until the fish taco I had all my original teeth.  The crunch was a piece of the loss of my first tooth.  Hello drama.  SHIT!  Does 2020 want something else?  Kidney perhaps?  No problem!  I have insurance for that!  Now instead of enjoying my little getaway I have to get to Tijuana and find a Dentist.

I did get on the Producer out of H and M landing, and am laying in my bunk letting the roll of the ocean infuse my body with peace and serenity.   I will handle the other piece on Monday but for the next few days I will enjoy my beautiful Pacific and see if she will let me catch a few fish 🐟 πŸ˜‰

2 thoughts on “Piece by Peace

  1. You write so beautifully. One can feel your emotions as though they were one’s own. I am always amazed at what you have gone through and how gracefully you come out the other side. I pray when I am met with life’s “gottchas” I will meet them with the some attitude and hopefulness. You always sound like you are taking these medical Bombs that keep dropping on you and showing all who will read how to make it through and enjoy what ever awaits you on the other side of these challenges.

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    1. Thank you, I hope it helps those in despair and feeling hopeless. I read stories all the time in the support groups. I too have felt it, still feel it, but you have to keep hope even in the darkest of times! Like a wise woman said, “Deep slow breaths, in and out.” 😘


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