Insecurity maybe?

In 2018 I was told that all my teeth would rot and fall out.  Radiaton destroys enamel and kills salivary glands so bye bye teeth.  They’ve eroded. Despite my best efforts to stop the decay, cancer wins!  I came down to San Diego to fish and relax without drama. First day, tooth falls out of my mouth over lunch.  So much for a relaxing vacation 😌   Not one to have teeth problems, knowing this time was coming, grim reality had yet again arrived thanks to my 2 best friends..warm welcome everyone, coming to the stage…


I knew what I had to do of course.  Just wish I had more time.  4 to 5 years is the recommend time before messing with mush mouth (chemo/radiation fallouy). Wish I could salvage the pretty teeth I had been born with.  Since covid 19 who cares though, we all have to wear a mask.  Now’s as good a time as any to have teeth fixed.  Silver lining  AND in San Diego to boot!

Yesterday I got an estimate far above my budget, the treatment plan was precise, effective for the 2 teeth, and made me think about how to sell my kidney,  SERIOUSLY!!! 2 teeth = $5 grand YIKES!  I had heard from many others approximately 45k for the whole mouth, but at this estimate $80,000 dollars by the end.  I don’t think so scooter!!!  Strangely enough I knew what I had to do, but more importantly I felt (unlike me) scared.

20 years ago was the last time I crossed the San Ysidro border on foot into Tijuana, Mexico.   Back then I lived a few minutes away on a boat, but I always drove across accept once.  Apparently the entire border had been replaced in my absence so navigation was foreign.   Honestly, I hmmd and hawd about the appointment South of the border.  I NEVER worried about the dentist!  Just wanted to arrive safe, on time, but anxiety had set in.  The fear of the unknown, the pain, crossing alone, crossing BACK! I even went to Ross to buy better clothing for the occasion.

  At 10:00 am I let my friend know I was heading down, and the wonderful Rosie was there to see me off to her cousin, Dr. Garcia my new Dentist.

Here I go again on my own lol

Got to admit I called my bud, Frank 3 times because I couldn’t find where I was supposed to park on the USA side, got lost in a 5 mile radius, but 3 times it went straight to voicemail.  Let’s just say the day before we had a “failure to communicate”.

I’m mad at myself for being scared! That’s not me! The Dentist and his team are PHENOMENAL! Dr. Garcia built a plan that will help me for years to come! I came back over the border, to the hotel, ate (always a miracle), and after 4 hours of dental work today I feel great (no drugs)!

Not familiar with this kind of trepidation, when I go back across on Thursday will there be that feeling?

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