Somedays you just know. On Friday the dentist extracted 3 teeth, fit me with a temporary flipper for the bottom teeth, and sent me back to the USA. I was given specific instructions and just couldn’t follow ANY of them. I had to redeem myself. So, I went catching! The boat had been pulling in fish for 4 days without while I went to Mexico fixing my cancer radiation rotted teeth. I needed redemption from the previous weekend catching one small fish.

It’s a baby skipjack tuna, one of 5 fish caught between 25 people

So on Friday night I went out with a great group for a day and a half trip. These fabulous people get together every year to remember a man they all loved who passed away. Even though my mouth was throbbing I am thrilled I ignored the doctors orders and met these wonderful people from all over. I’ve been invited to go next year, and I can’t wait!

Nice Dorado
We caught some fish!
My favorite fish to catch! Mahi Mahi for dinner!

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