Class alone..

Been trying for 6 days to find the perfect song or poem to show my gratitude to the staff at the Bay Club Hotel and Marina.  I struggled to find the words myself so why should I hope others could? 

First thing Tammy Garbini did was help me get a room.  This is COVID 19 in California, not so simple a task!  I started my first bartending job at the Bay Club in 1996. Brandi Johnson got me the interview with the then restaurant Manager Sandy. One of the BEST people and he gave me a job!

I LOVED working there with the influx of marina and hotel customers, tourists, and concert goers from Humphreys next door.

Humphrey lunch alfresco

Dining alfresco led to a broken tooth for me, first one. I have had perfect teeth ALL my life so I went into panic mode, texted my friend Timm who had the same cancer as I, and rushed into see his dentist. $5000 for 2 front teeth, ummm yeah, no. Tammy got me with another AMAZING staff member who got me straight to a PHENOMENAL dentist South of the border who saved 2 dozen of my teeth! My HERO!!!

The new staff, it’s been 20 years since I’ve worked there, is AMAZING! Above and beyond is the only way to put it!


This phenomenal woman is about to finish her Bachelor’s in Business Management, but her REAL gift is reading minds! I saw her do it! I wanted seared tuna because I had been at the dentist all day. I needed protein! She immediately said, “Let’s leave the spices off for you.” Umm, how did you know..she read my mind! I saw her do it again my last day.

“Can I get you a glass of wine?” She said. The total stranger who sat down in shock,

“Yes please.” I won’t bore you but she picked the perfect wine. Tamika is AWESOME!

The front desk helped me so far above and beyond!!!

I know you might be thinking I’m prejudice, but these people didn’t know me! I wasn’t supposed to stay 2 weeks, so I needed laundry, clothes, room cleaned, food, ice, and they were ALWAYS there to help!!!

Last night
My room view
From the other

The staff is warm, helpful and kind! Better than most 5 star resorts in the world, and I’ve been to MANY! Their reviews didn’t do this well!

Be warm and generous, because you never know who is staying, watching or writing. Then again, it shouldn’t matter EVER!

The boys back there have been renovating

Thank you Bay Club! Every hotel in San Diego should follow in your footseps! You are in a class of your own!

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