Land of the free, is it?

The Trump supporters are the bravest Americans in the United States next to our first responders. Every day they put a sign out, put a sticker on their car, or wear an article of clothing they open themselves to hate, vandalism, and violence.

I listened to an African American Trump supporter and he says there are hundreds, but they can’t express themselves because of BLM and like minded haters. Expressing their beliefs is out of the question. He says these Trump supporters are Republican and Democrat, but they don’t blame the President for bad cops, school shootings, or covid. What they do know is Trump is trying to help them more than ANY other President! He’s given more opportunities to minorities through education and jobs!

I have a Trump hat that I would LOVE to wear. Each time I have to weight the pros and cons. Do I want to have someone spit in my face, refuse to serve, or worse hit me? WHEN did it become okay to instill the intimidation and fear the left does?

To the BRAVE, CORAGEOUS, TRUMP SUPPORTERS who want to drain the swamp and see a President fight for YOU, I COMMEND YOU! Let your flags fly!

I know and accept the fact that my house may be vandalized!
Exercising the right and freedom!

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