OUR DUTY..don’t miss the ending!!!!

I think we need to thoroughly investigate what happened on election night in cities like Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. People who say this election was definitely not stolen or rigged in any way have no idea what they are talking about right now. It should also be noted that people who say this election was definitely stolen also have no idea what they are talking about. The real truth is that none of us including Donald Trump know for sure what really happened yet.

The American people need to ultimately find out for themselves why the vote counting was suddenly halted in so many places on election night. Maybe the reasons for all of these sudden tabulation delays in only a handful of states where Donald Trump was leading were totally innocent. Maybe they weren’t so innocent. We need to learn for ourselves why so many officials who were legally allowed to monitor the vote counting were inexplicably turned away. Maybe there is a logical explanation why these vote counters did not want to be watched or monitored. Maybe there isn’t. We all need to find out precisely how many dead people voted in these precincts and how many illegal votes were ultimately counted. In summary, every American ultimately deserves to know the truth about this election… the real truth.

Any thorough investigation will probably take too long to determine the winner of this election. But whenever the actual truth about this ugly process eventually comes to light then every single American will need to make a decision.

It would be my personal recommendation that every single person who ultimately decides this election was rigged should quit being a productive citizen as much as possible for the next four years and simply live off the government. Every person who eventually decides that their voices were intentionally silenced this week should stop spending any extra money on anything beyond the absolute essentials and allow this broken system to collapse. They need to pull every single dime out of the stock market and watch it fall. Yes, this will be economically painful to a whole lot of innocent people but change of this enormous magnitude is always painful. This is the most effective way to peacefully protest against oppression and tyranny. If this election was stolen then we all need to stop participating in a process that is purposefully rigged against us. We are not cattle or sheep. We have our very own hopes and dreams. We get to decide the direction of this country. We should never allow ourselves to be herded in a specific ideological direction by an unaccountable ruling class.

Let me be perfectly clear. If Democrats actually won this election then we all need to respect the final result and work together for a brighter tomorrow. But if it is eventually proven by irrefutable data that Democrats actually stole this election then we all need to take a page out of their very own playbook.

I did not write this, but it’s certainly a better way than taking up arms and declaring war on one another! The truckers are planning a nationwide strike on November 29th. Hope you have your TP ready!


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