Sorry readers…

I love you, and sorry for the last post. It wasn’t ready and I meant to save as a draft.

Before covid, 80 percent of all pharmaceutical sales were mood stabilizers. I wonder what it is now? People are losing their companies, unable to keep the roof over their head, can’t pay bills, and committing suicide because a virus that kills .01 percent of it’s victims has destroyed over 10 percent of people’s lives. I wonder how many people are on mood stabilizers now? My Doctor has tried to throw them at me. No thanks!

It’s ok to have feelings! We live in depressing times. Our country is falling apart, the divide is deepening, hope is fading, and let me assure you I know what it’s like to lose people this year. We are being trained how to feel, told not to feel, and given medicine to numb us into submission. Fear is fed to us in the form of statistics, numbers EVERY day!!!

2 people in this photo died 2020

There’s anger, pain, and suffering while the government stalls on giving assistance yet shutting down small business. MEANWHILE superstores are packed! They handed us $1200 of our OWN money and expected us to be ok for 9 months! Bill collectors are banging on doors as big brother closes us down AGAIN!!!

Remembering better times

Last night protesters went to the homes of the board members to protest the new shutdown orders. It made national news! The uprising has begun. The safe space you needed when Hilary wasn’t elected was given to you on a silver platter by covid. CLEARLY you didn’t like that either. Wanted to be a stay at home Mom so bad? You got it! Nope, didn’t like that either.

Start questioning WHY you have anxiety and look for solutions! Can’t open your business? Get a group together and protest! Write your elected officials! Stop reacting and ACT! Get your ass off the couch, CANCEL Netflix, throw your pills away, and STOP being lazy about your life!


One thought on “Sorry readers…

  1. Thankfully nice red wine helps even things out for us. But you’re right it’s been a tough tough year for a lot of people. I never trust our politicians to solve any of our problems. Self-reliance is the only thing that will work. And yes keep telling people to protest, act on their feelings and yell at their politicians. They deserve our scorn and anger. JM

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