Only the dead have seen the end of war…

Thank you Plato for ringing in the new century with poignant philosophy.   I’m sad bringing in the New Year.  The world is in great peril, the economy in position to freefall, and people again divided to the point of violence and hate continues to grow.  Billionaires are buying the political system leaving only a handful of equals on the board..  Those players aren’t competitors but dominator equals.  Until the war comes.

Trump wasn’t just a President,  but a bucking/overthrow of the system.  Republicans that value small government saw the overreach of Democrat lead government and destruction of free market with Obama care.  The insurance companies crashed and the people were left without good Healthcare.

Years prior I voted for Ross Perot.  I know in my heart that a man who works for his success is far better to lead than a servant scraping up scraps to the tune of MILLIONS!

I’ve watched the Democrats switch from “for the people” (Kennedy) to “fuck the people” (Clinton).

I know D.C. and am fully aware that Trump’s ability to accomplish MONUMENTAL things in just a few years DESTOYED BOTH parties. If not, why not? Obama is so Fabulous because he did 1 thing for the people? Make sure people who couldn’t afford the government plan get FINED for it? SMH

Enjoy the new world order!

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