So, as per rules and regulations …
I do my best to follow the mandates made up by idiots.
I wear my mask, don’t walk around with anything illegal, hide anything in my shoes, I’m TSA precheck but sometimes no matter how hard I try the universe says “sorry, gonna fuck you today.”
I got chosen for a random screening, take off your coat, tsa pulled out computer, check every pocket, why did I pay all this extra money?
Get to the gate, turn around to get a cup of coffee, the guy won’t sell it to me because of my mask.  He doesn’t say, “Do you have a medical condition?”
Just straight up, “Can’t sell you anything with the mask you have on.”
Well the TSA had no problem opening my bag, letting me in the airport, just after dropping my  panties on the floor. So the coffee covidiot can berate me, hold up the line, (just kidding, I was the only person there) and announce my criminal mask.
I wanted to scream, “Mouth CANCER!!!”
“You’re lucky 10 people aren’t scared to fly so you can still get a paycheck moron!”
Literally empty airport,  10 people on the plane today. There was 10 people on the way down too.
It’s sad to see airports abandoned, once full parking lots completely empty, planes operating at a huge loss, and fear in the eyes of a 20 year old idiota barrista.
Finally on the plane, 7am, time to go HOME!
Perhaps I will find sanity there?

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