The new administration is going to raise taxes on the rich to pay for new building infrastructure 2 trillion dollar plan. Biden plans to raise taxes on the rich…lmao!

The rich use the tax code to thier advantage, you can too BTW, but they aren’t stupid. If you make it cost effective to keep production in the USA, the businesses will stay..PERIOD!

When I worked on yachts, I remember, because I had to go from Balboa to Cabo, all of them had to leave the USA for 3 months to avoid luxury tax. Anyone who wants to stop paying taxes can, if they find a good accountant, learn how.

Now, I totally believe we need infrastructure upgrades. No doubt! I drove the I-5 20 years ago and it was a joke. What a blessed pivot to the pandemic, 10% unemployment, and 33% small business bankruptcy nationwide? Surely new roads will help the homeless..more bridges to sleep under.

Go ahead and make minimum wage $15. Innovators will cut those jobs with A.I. because business owners need to make a profit too. Are you aware we have bills to pay? Can you imagine waking up knowing you had $5000 payroll that day and had $1000 house payment then saw $50 in your account? Luckily I got a $1400 stimulus check..gee life is beautiful! I feel fabulous because I can pay the mortgage once. Now I don’t like to feel bad and fire/lay off people so I will find a way around it. Businesses have and ARE, look at Amazon. How long did they go without paying taxes?

Going the wrong way is all I can say! Offer Elon a government contract to develop a transportation system! Don’t TRY to take his money because you think you know better by sitting your ass in a taxpayer seat for 47 years THINKING IT made you smart!! DON’T THINK!

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