I try to help people having trouble with doctors, medications, diagnosis, ect in throat/oral cancer groups. Several people are frustrated, disheartened, in pain, suffering, and I can empathize. I offer some hope, lend my ear, and give encouragement.

Once in awhile I read something that makes my blood BOIL! For instance:

My surgeon said:
And I quote: “If you miss your next appointment we are done w/ you and you will die a horrible painful death”
what the heck?

What the heck is right! I know you are only allowed to miss 3 appointments, I was lucky to have a ride, but this guy missed his second appointment because he was in SURGERY! WTF?

I pray people fight back and encourage them to speak out/speak up! Call the American Cancer Society 24/7 hotline, talk to the advocates, call lawyers, fight insurance companies, ask questions, get MAD!!!!!! I fired 5 doctors! Stand up for yourself!

I had to fight my radiologist to get Hyperbaric when I had necrosis. Saved my jaw!

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