WOW.. What a week!

I was fine coming up on my test, but I started out helping a fellow mouth cancer patient who had been in remission for 3 years. Her P.E.T. Scan revealed cancer had emerged again in her lymph nodes.

Going in..

My 3 year scan was on Tuesday. Gulp! ‘Cause I can! Not easy for a mouth cancer survivor. I was scared, and I’m never scared!

Believing I had beat cancer, 100% kicked it’s ASS, I was humbled by the reality that it could come back. No one is immune.

I shed my clothes, went into the room, did chit chat with a Nurse who has seen me far too may times in 3 years (She is always happy to see me), and went into the scan with a trepidation far different than before. What If I did have it again? I let the fear grip me, accepted that I’m vulnerable, and focused on one thing, “What is the next best thing I can do?”

So I met with a new web designer that I believe will do a great job for, my AWESOME skin care line! I’m not plugging my business, I’m happy to be able to have a business at all!

I worried until the next morning at 11 am when I was informed, all clear. I let everyone know that all was well, but I hate that fear can paralyze me. Even for a second! I hate that cancer gets a back burner to covid, flu, heart disease, obesity. I want to rip the tongue out of people charging criminal prices for necessary medicine and medical attention! Neglecting cancer patients is a CRIME! Coming up with a vaccine for covid in 9 months is a slap in face! You want people to believe you have no cure for cancer, I’m calling BULLSHIT!

I actually heard from a good source that Trump was going to announce that cancer treatment and cures were going to be available. WAKE UP people! Israel has simple tests and Canada has cures.

Let me guess, I lost you! You don’t care.

Fine, I’ll go onto today’s awesomeness! My FANTASTIC friend’s leukemia is responding to treatment and will be off chemo in 4 months! My cup runneth over!!!

Beautiful women!!

Today is a GLORIOUS DAY! TOP 10!

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