No good deed…

During covid I was still in and out of my UPS Store. I know my people there, and look at them like my employees, keeping my little companies sending out my sales. A new guy was hired, Justin, who had just moved to Idaho with his wife from New York. He was frustrated that he couldn’t get a hair cut. I made sure he got one.

Months later he reached out and said his life had turned to the worse and he needed some money to keep himself off the streets. I knew he worked six days a week at UPS, he wasn’t a slacker! After discussing it with my husband Bruce, we gave him money so he wouldn’t be homeless and lose his job.

This isn’t a great time for us financially, but we did it. He swore to pay it back next paycheck, but I told him to find a place to live, pay us back when he was flush.

A few weeks ago I asked where Justin was, and my friend said he was going through some personal issues but would be back to work.

I received a few voice messages from him. He had a heart attack, died, but was brought back to life, and had been in ICU. I never spoke to him, but texted that I hoped he would continue to improve.

Found out today, he passed from another heart attack. Justin had a new apartment, got his driver’s license, a car, and was supposed to be back to work Tuesday.

Last person I loaned money to, Lee a Co worker, took his own life.

When will I stop trying to help people? I hope I never close my heart to my fellow man! I am however, heartbroken that I couldn’t save someone. Wish I had more power!

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