Judgment..bite me!

So guess what..I’m not perfect 😳

I never thought that this was up for discussion. Mom has always informed me of my imperfections which is her job, even a right, I suppose. I inturn have held her accountable for hers. She doesn’t care for the way I’m handling my illnesses, and I am not fond of her choices as a Mother. Guess we are even.

Mom’s a big girl, as am I, but I found myself in need of help this week and who did I turn to? Facebook. How fxcked is that? I couldn’t turn to close friends or family because there was no one there. I know I use vulgarity to keep my emotions in check because crying is not an option. It’s inappropriate for certain, but when you have to use a 4 letter word rather than blow your nose, 4 letter word every TIME!!!

This is not pleasant!!!!

So, Mom says I’m “softer” when I’m kind and loving. SO IS A PUPPY!! Careful, that pup will destroy your $1000 boots in seconds. Of COURSE I’m softer when I’m kind and caring. I’m also a pain in the ass when I’m in terrible pain 😱 SHOCKER!!!

In no way was I trying to catch more bees with honey..they STING..HELLO! I’m not surprised anymore. Always wanted $20 from people that had $5 to give. What baffles me is that the $5 people get a say in the $20 life. You have to ante up first. That goes for everyone!

SO..I’m in pain right now! 🖕I am trying to go back to work. Have NO doubt that criticism is going to go over like a pregnant poll vaulter! NO ONE has the right to judge me and I’m sad that so many do.

Happy 4th of July!

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