Damn it!!!

In an effort to charge ahead in doctrinization covid world I pursued a job I once loved, and was hired. The company had changed from the ideal to somewhat less desirable since I first applied, but more lucrative. Not interested in the changes I didn’t push the interview hoping something else would provide. If only one of my companies had survived the pandemic, but not meant to be.. I conceded my covid catastrophe and got the, not so desirable, job of my dream.

After all I had been through, NO worries!!

Fighting through some of my body’s resistance to the change I soldiered on to be my best, do a great job, and be a team player. Just a little over 4 months in the job I am beginning to realize it’s much like being married to my ex.

“This person will screw you over, but I won’t. ” “This person will do “this” to you, so watch out.” Excuse me, you just did exactly what you said they would do. Like my ex saying I was cheating on him when it was him screwing around. The narcissist playbook 101.

Really? Don’t need drama!!!

I was furious that so soon out of the gate the veil was lifted, several times actually, but such is life. I will get seething mad for a moment but then I find myself morose that we can’t, as a species be greater to one another. I am not always, but try to be better than pettiness, jealousy, and greed.

Hell of a week!
Need to find my zen and start anew next hitch!

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