Christmas work…

One of the reasons I love my job is that everyday I’m reminded how lucky I am.  I just finished working the Christmas night shift..12am to 6am and 6pm to 12pm (on the 25th) and an entire box of kleenex is gone from my desk.  Several calls came in.  I did my best to help everyone I could, and of those that I did help it reminded me how precious life is.  I’m truly blessed.

I saw people who knew they’d destroyed their life, people who couldn’t help their children, and those desperate to get loved ones home.  I watched desperation and despair pour like a tidal wave across my desk and did everything in my power to help.

For the last 3 months I have been haunted and conflicted by parts of my job.  I’ve agonized over what it’s doing to the good part of me. Seeking advice I talked to everyone about letting criminals out of jail (convicted), went to church, and tried to hold together the bleeding rips of my purging heart strings. All the tears and anger led me to Christmas 2021 and people who needed me. Someone said, “You are very lucky she answered your call. No one besides her would help you tonight.”

Coming home this morning

I am so very blessed. Getting home safely, warm in my home, relatively healthy, family, friends, appreciated and loved I thank everyone who made it happen! May we all chose to be happy! It’s there..find it!!!

Another year goes by..

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