Welcome to 2022! Happy Fxcking New Year!

Mine? I was having a busy evening at work. I had just bonded another client, and he was walking in to sign his paperwork. I am a Bail Bondsman. Quick explanation: When a person is arrested, a bond is set. As per the Department of Insurance, I put up the whole amount, and the Defendant pays a 10% fee to my company. Got it? My client walked in and informed me that he had slipped on ice in front of our building and hurt himself. I could tell that he was in pain, and he said, “I should sue.”

As soon as he left I grabbed our tub of salt (melts ice) and headed out to make a safe path into the building. Being very careful, I thought I was stepping on dry ground, but it was black ice. Falling in splendid fashion, I did the splits, but put my left arm out and broke it.

Most of you are aware that I have beat cancer, brain aneurysm,  hysterectomy, pancreatitus, the list goes on.  You name it. I’ve had 13 surgeries in 4 years and had suffered plenty of horrific pain.  Breaking my arm is kids play. 
Driving around the corner to St. Aphonsus Emergency, the town celebrated the new year, fireworks booming overhead, while I was given the official report, broken. However, I would need to wait 5 to 7 days to put a cast on for the the swelling to go down.
No problem,  I had a 3 day trip to Cabo planned.  Due to the situation,  I made my grumbling husband go with me as cabanna boy.  I travel alone most of the time, but without an arm, nope. So, he graciously took 2 days off work. First for everything!

Didn’t go in, and I was SO close.
His 1st time in Mexico, and he’s smiling! BONUS

I handled that fine, kept my injury protected, and hubby had a great time handling my bags, getting ice, and other incessant demands.
At that point, I had missed a day and a half of work. The night I had to go to the hospital, New Years, and the next day. I had planned that trip on my days off. I try to start every year in the sun, in the water, and on a beach! Sets a great tone for the year.

I LOVE Mexico!

After my return from Baja, my new surgeon decided to cast the break to see if it would heal.  I  returned to work with a cast on.  By my second week, I couldn’t take the pain anymore.   I had to tell my Boss I couldn’t come in.  I LOVE my job,  have wanted  to work  at this Company for years!   6 months to the day after I started, and I’m out on my first workman’s comp claim, EVER . I know it could be worse, but it’s taken 4 years to be healthy enough to go back to work.

I went to my check-up revealing the brake was worse, surgery would be required, 21st, Friday at 1pm following a covid test. Having the enormous experience as a patient I know an afternoon surgery on Friday is the WORST! Add the extra bonus; my surgeon is 7 months pregnant. Her mind is ready to get off her feet and relax her back by Friday afternoon. I was told unfortunately, it was the “ONLY” opening she had. Dutifully, I got my negative covid test, but the next day I woke up with 100.4 fever. Due to the pandemic I wouldn’t be let in the hospital. New time slot, they could “squeeze” me in 7:30 am Thursday, January 27th. MUCH better! (Thank you body for getting me off the hook!)

Wednesday, the day before the operation to put a plate and screws in my wrist, the surgeon had an emergency and ended up on complete bed rest for the rest of her pregnancy. I was given a new Doc, time, and location for the morning. EXCELLENT! I felt much better!

I get to the outpatient facility, and I was ushered right in. The nurses got me right to pre-op, plugged, stuck, and the anesthesiologist explained her process. I was to be given a block which would stop all pain. I would be awake through the operation but wouldn’t remember anything. Next the surgeon introduced himself, drugs administered, and off to surgery we went.

Just waking up in EXCRUCIATING pain.

Next I knew I was balling in pain. The nurses scrambled to get pain medicine in me. I slept through the procedure (according to Dr.) so they weren’t aware the block didn’t work. I called my husband and told him he had to get home. NOTHING in my past led me to believe I would be in such pain. It made no sense.

I went home and called a few hours later wondering if this amount of pain was normal. I didn’t cry when I broke my arm! Only when I heard Betty White had passed did I cry, but it wasn’t from the arm!

Pain sucks

Well, I found out the next day when the surgeon called. The bone was healing, incorrectly the month in a cast, but if left alone I would have a crooked arm. He had to REBREAK my arm before the plate and screws were put in. Unfortunately, they found out too late the block didn’t work. LOVELY! The pain had me crying into the night and beyond. I’m a grin and bare it kinda gal. FXCK ME!!!

WWB 2021

I had to cancel my 10 day trip to Belize and the Women With Bait Tournament which I do every year.

Ziplining and cave tubing Belize

Now I pray to heal a.s.a.p. and get back to work. I can’t imagine when I’m going to be able to fish! Can’t believe they wasted a month of my life and had me in throbbing agony! FUN!

Writing this, talk to text has been a joy as well, but along with the physical pain I am FURIOUS that my medical care was taken so nonchalantly by the hospital! I even asked a nurse, “If I had come to you with just my Federal Medical Benefits and not Workman’s comp, would I have been treated better?”

Her earth shattering response, “Probably not, it’s ’cause of Covid.”

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