From a fellow fighter..

These are David’s words too beautiful not to share!!! Thank you😘🤗😘🤗😘


T.G.I.F…. (Thank God I Fight)…


As I awake and take moment to talk to GOD and my SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST they fill my spirit with what to write on this BEAUTIFUL Friday morning.. I can feel under my calm surface a BOILING point.. ALL 212 DEGREES that wants to come to the surface busting through like RED OCTOBER..As I initially push these feelings down.. I tell myself "David stay calm".. But sometimes these feelings burst through the surface as I try to maintain the ROLLER-COASTER of emotions that go up and down like an ELEVATOR that some pre-teen brat pushed all the buttons so the FIGHT BEGINS... I am frustrated and ANGRY with this disease.. I have an internal rage as I know most of you have as well.. Let's turn this RAGE into a POSITIVE FORCE of NATURE.. Let it burn within.. Let the RAGE focus us on our battle.. Focus us on ways to beat this disease.. Focus us on the end game of not only SURVIVING but THRIVING.. To take a step back and understand why we fight so hard.. Why everyday we must give LIFE a chance.. So everyone that reads this let's pull together.. We are an ARMY of fighters.. A battalion of kick ass WARRIORS.. A team to be reckoned with..We are the LEGION of DOOM for cancer...

We must QUELL that boiling point.. To bring calm back into our lives and to FIGHT the chaos that cancer CREATES to control our lives.. So let’s get up and take a deep breath.. We are an ELITE group of WARRIORS.. We are the NAVY SEALS of cancer fighters.. We are a Thermo-nuclear contingent of fighters.. We are the UFC (ULTIMATE FIGHTERS of CANCER)..WE are plain and simple the strongest pack of in your face bad-asses on the planet… I mean think about what we go through..The SURGERIES the TREATMENTS and THERAPIES How we must wear our cancer for all to SEE.. YET we are still STANDING.. Still FIGHTING.. Still SURVIVING.. Still WINNING..

Everyday we rise to fight again.. Everyday we take the battlefield and tell cancer NOT TODAY.. Each morning we look in the mirror to see our BATTLE SCARS and bumps and bruises from yesterday’s battle.. We are at war with an unrelenting opponent that has unlimited energy and needs no rest.. An opponent that STEALS our hunger to make us weak… That STEALS our sleep to make us tired..An opponent that beats the crap out of us and makes us want to GIVE UP.. But we will not give up to you cancer.. Because we are WARRIORS.. We are FIGHTERS.. Let’s close ranks.. Put our backs against the wall and come out swinging.. Let’s use every tool at our disposal… Beating this disease is within our GRASP.. Let’s make the phrase “HEALTHY AND HAPPY” part of our vocabulary again..


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