Such a debaucle at the Oscar’s, Will Smith slapping Chris Rock after the comedian complimented Will’s bald wife.   Let me assure you, as a former bald woman, The GI Jane compliment is thrown around incessantly.  I look absolutely nothing like the actress, but on a daily basis I would be told that is who I looked like.  I know it’s a compliment, albeit a frustrating, annoying one.   For approximately 6 months while I had no hair I was compared to every bald Celebrity you can think of!

NOTHING like Demi

Then there’s the obvious compliments.  Pretty, great legs, tits, ass, eyes, blah blah blah…Mom and Dad had sex!  I didn’t accomplish any of these, just how I was made. 

What bothered me was the Neverending attention to my hair!  Total strangers came up and had something to say about the short hair.  I was FINALLY approachable, but for the DUMBEST REASON!!!

Still swollen after brain surgery

In my 47 almost 8 trips around the sun,  2 have stood out above all others!  The first came from an ex boyfriend’s Mother.  Long after we had broken up she said, “I liked Andy the most.  She always did what she said she was going to do.”  WOW!  To be recognized for integrity!!!!  THAT is a compliment and #1 on my list!

Had to get my bucket list rooster fish! 
60 days after brain surgery!!

The second one came just as unacceptably!  Out fishing with my buddy Jim last week, (we go back 15 plus years) and he said, “You’re a joyous person.”  I have NEVER heard that before and certainly never felt that way about myself.

On the boat with Jim

I love to give compliments!  I prefer to praise along the lines of wardrobe because its a representation of the person who picked it out. It’s rarely easy for me to take compliments because they so rarely have anything to do with who I am, only what I am.

For you, Will Smith!

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