Devil is in the desire..

Since he is scared of me, I will take the golden fiddle! To be free is a constant debate and filled with misconceptions. Are you free to do whatever you want? ABSOLUTELY, but consequence inevitably follows. In my opinion, freedom is more of privilege. The comedian, George Carlin and I totally agree. If it’s a right, it can be taken away.

It’s a privilege really. To have transparency with the governing bodies so that they cannot overstep the power of the office and are held accountable by the people.

Division or diversity, right vs wrong, go left and step off, why must we only have the perception presented to us? Get it?

What color is the sunset?

Do you prefer the ocean or mountain? Who’s desire is right? Who’s happiness is left?

Stay with me for a moment please. I may disagree with you and you me. I once sat for an hour in Tennessee listening to 3 guys who couldn’t agree on directions to a hardware store. You can do it!

How bad would it be for all of us to read the 10 commandments in the house everyday? Say a prayer? You don’t have to include religion, just silently or aloud bless the day and be thankful. Could it render harm to send our children off to school with an appreciation for all that they have and love in their hearts for the other people in the world? Would it KILL us to look on our own day and say thankfully you have a job, home, and food? Maybe write a reminder to treat someone especially nice each day even though they make your blood boil or say a kind word to a homeless person.

I can tell you right now that this “living in constant fear” existence is the wrong path. I worry about my Brother because of a sticker he has on his car. I want to wear my birthday present, but real fear of assault gives me pause. I saw a picture of Martin Luther King today and wished I could walk with him.

I’ll never agree with you, and vice versa but I will NEVER know hate for you. Belize constantly tested me. I agreed to disagree so many times over football, politics, religion it was as if I was being tested. I walked away from people who wanted to start arguments. STOP! I don’t want to debate about Roethlisberger’s ability to throw the ball. Kaepernick’s right to take a knee. Religion on school. This doesn’t include the ABSOLUTELY horrible lies that are said about me..I’m stopping now!

We MUST stop the hate no matter the desire! Got nothin’ but LOVE ❤🙏 have a WONDERFUL DAY!!!!


On a stormy morning in May, my fifth day in Italy I was walking into a convenient store, and a man was coming out. A giant glass door opened and the wind caught it. The heavy piece swung fast on it’s hinges and crashed into me. The brute of the force was stopped by my two big toes in my soft suede boots. The pain was unbelievable, but I sucked it up and soldiered on knowing the injury would take many months to heal.

“I refuse to sink” says the shirt!

Indeed, it has. The top nails had died off and were barely hanging on. One came off in North Carolina and the other came off last week in Belize. Underneath, the new nail has been slowly growing in. I started to see these poor things a lot like my recovery and it’s facade. While the shiny gel coat looked great on the outside, beneath was this rough, tender, and ugly regrowth.

I’m trying to put on fierce, strong exterior, of course, and take on the world. So many are genuinely surprised to learn I still am fragile and have repercussions from the last year.

I’ve been trying to hide it for so long, what can I say? Even gel polish chips.


“To travel is to live.”

This year has been an adventure of a lifetime! Belize, (AMAZING new friends), Women With Bait fishing tournament, Cancun, started 2 companies, and San Diego, for Brandi 50th, learned an entirely new business, Italy (what CAN’T I say?),, writer’s guild, Elaine Ambrose, FANTASTIC new people in my life, San Diego fishing with Frank and Danny, then with my brother a few weeks later, back to Belize with girlfriend (even more new friends), and now I wait to go home so I can fly to Missouri to hunt with Dad.

In between, I had my WONDERFUL animals, and am in the process of 2 more companies.

What a whirlwind of delight! Life can be thrilling if you try. I see it in the people around me. The lovely students from Denmark on holiday from their studies in Mexico, the backpackers headed North for the Riviera Maya, (not a clue where they are spending the night), the visitors from the mainland on a rare holiday, (what a treat for the children to see the beaches). Just as some have never seen the beach or snow in America, so is true in the Caribbean.

Life is so precious and poignant everywhere I discover, and is found again in the places I return to.

The lively smiles, weary faces, determined demeanor, all surround me as we board the ferry to take us away. A paradise for some, others disappointment but none can escape the glory of the sea!

“To travel is to live,” said Hans Christian Andreson, and I feel ALIVE!

Bad days hit..

Sometimes you don’t know why, when, or how, but they do. Unless you are completely sociopathic, you look in the mirror and wonder who you are. Reflecting on perhaps the past, how did you get here! Why did this or that happen to me? When did something change? How did I miss it?

I saw my face today. I looks so different, my skin looks odd, while I was getting ready for a witch party I couldn’t see me. It felt like a clown was trying to paste make up on corpse.

Without formaldehyde the decay happens quickly. I couldn’t fill in the cracks fast enough. I can’t do my eyes because I can’t see. I got so frustrated, and the bad day hit. It’s been lurking, just underneath.

Amazon fucking my new business, incompetent dickheads, being belittled, stolen from, lied to, hijacked, are all things contributing to my bad day. Then I look in the mirror, and can’t see me. I kept it together for so long, but I need to acknowledge the bad day just once.

So I’m posting these today! Get them over with!

Some self pity, 😖 hate this!

A few things have got me rattling like a Ford pinto on 3 tires. I went out to the woods hunting. Gazing across monolithic mountain ranges, crisp fall, clean air in my lungs, Mother Nature’s painting in spectacular colors, and all my life, a place of serenity to me. I camped as a child and later as adult with true love for nature! At times in my younger years I actually lived in the woods.

A profound, depressing, and painful new reality exists for me..tinnitus. I was out appreciating the immense view of the beautiful valley from the top of the world when the ringing became so overpowering my head throbbed. Tears sprung to my eyes at this painful intrusion and I wished I would’ve bought the $2500 hearing aids.

For those who don’t know, tinnitus causes a high pitched ringing/screeching in your head. Mine was a gift from chemotherapy. The doctors say I will, “get used to it” just like the loss of eyesight. Maybe when I can’t see the mountains I will no longer be upset about not being able to enjoy their company. 😭

Rant #2

I read inspirational books. I should say I listen now. There was a time when I couldn’t stop reading, but with my eyes so bad reading and writing has actually become painful. So, I’m trying to listen to books now even though ear buds inch like crazy.

I digress. So, I read all these cheerleading business books. They tell me to get out of my comfort zone, believe in myself, take risks, be uncomfortable, dare the unimaginable right? You’ve read one or listened to some one telling you how to achieve. My current one:

You’ve probably heard examples..Bell, Roosevelt, Lincoln, even Schwarzenegger have been used as examples in these discussions. I recently said I would love to sit down with Bezos because innovation fascinates me. Now, I’d like to kick his ASS!!

Here is my problem…I watch all these people go through FBA entrepreneurship with ease, but my company is met with one disaster after another because of Amazon’s inept systems. I’m floored this company has made it when I suffer from their neverending mistakes! Then again, they don’t do this to all the sellers.

I know I can do this if just a few things would go correctly at the receiving department’s fulfillment centers. Just do your job, I’m paying for it, and pay me the thousands you owe me for losing my inventory!!😖 I’m taking the chance, believing in myself, working hard, daring to dream and all the other bumper sticker slogans for fuck’s sake! HELP ME!

Rants done.

Back to howling at the moon!

Felt her..

I went to 2 events this weekend. One was the Boise State Relay for Life at the University.

The next day was the Avon Making Strides for Breast Cancer.

Obviously the second event was filled with different energy. The first was indoors on a college campus and of course, the crowd was young . The track was upstairs, the stage downstairs, and it was blissfully warm. Loved it!

The second was outside with all ages and all weather. Rain, wind and hail, but the tried true tested people weren’t all that bothered! I wish we could have been sheltered like the kids the previous night.

Any event that raises awareness for getting a mammogram or vaccine is amazing, and to see all the wonderful men and women stand up, fight, and face their worst fears will always leave me awe! I’m very different in that I lived a large portion of my life praying for death. When I got cancer, I wasn’t all that concerned. The aneurysm, no worries for me. Mom in the other room, so sorry for the person with the short straw there!!!! I have been ready to die for years, please, don’t resuscitate! I don’t want to be kept alive by a machine!

NOT that I am suicidal, but this irrational fear that most people have of returning to dust is comical to me. I’m good to go, no need to counsel me into the great goodnight. Shuffle it off. Going to the grave having lived this life brings me a sense of peace. People may not have agreed with my choices, but I always tried to be a woman of my word and a genuine, good person. I failed a few times, who doesn’t, but I have no reason to hold on. Every goal or dream I had was accomplished, but I know I can do more God willing.

Yesterday, I felt a woman finishing the walk, and I prayed I could forget her. I don’t want to remember her now because everything in my soul wants to wrap her in my arms and let her tears spill. My own cheeks glisten each time I remember her face contorted with pain and anguish. I know my friend feels this way, and everything in me wants to heal this pain.

So many crossed the finish line with a sense of accomplishment, some never stopped walking, there were the healthy people that walk for ANY REASON, some for the glory (come on), but most people walk because they are affected by cancer.  Let me assure you, I am one of those, but I’m also a ball buster! I go to these events with one mission, to inspire self advocacy. If I get one scared, apathetic face to turn the inner light on and fight my day is a success! 

I realize that not many people read this blog. That’s okay. For those that take time to skim my bog, please, reach out, give a bit more, visit more often, because you will regret it if don’t. Maybe your gift is letting someone off the hook for not being there. How often do I hear, “I should have..” My Mom said, “Don’t you dare try to take care of me. Live your life, don’t move me in with you.  That’s what retirement communities are for!”  Love you Mom!

May we all find a way to cope, heal and HELP!!!!


I was recently offered a position to be a coach for a company because I had reach a level of expertise in their program and they felt I could be beneficial to their new students. Being the “love to help” person that I am, I agreed to a few hours a day. The job was fun and fulfilling for the first few weeks. Helping people explore their hope for a better life and guide them through obstacles. Listening to their desires, spend more time with their family, quit their awful job, create a new product, and build empires. Giving the guidance they needed to reach all these dreams, to make it attainable, and give hope for such goals was exciting! I loved it.

Then the roadmap for my department changed course drastically, twice. No matter what I said, i would never change the mind of the wizard. So, I gracefully bowed out and moved on. Clearly something was wrong behind the curtain, but my team was crippled by the way it was being changed.

Three people jumped ship in one night. Of course with this added responsibility came no additional compensation which caused turbulence throughout the team. All of a sudden I’m in a corporate mentality all of which we started in the program in order to avoid it.

My thought for the day is simple. The word “NO” is a sentence.

When someone tells you to do something you don’t believe in, say NO! When a doctor gives you a diagnosis you don’t think is right, get another opinion! Stand up for yourself! No one will do it better!!!