Animal rights…

PETA just shot a BEAUTIFUL black cat because she “growled” at them while they were stalking her. They were attempting to take the wild cat alive. WHY were you shooting her with a bullet?

Now they are hunting her babies? WTF? I’m adding the news stories so that there is NO ambiguity!

“Rancher Spots Dog Sized Cat Outside Of Casper

Fish and Game are left scratching their heads after a rancher spotted this dog sized jet black cat on his ranch. Experts have been puzzled as to what exactly this creature is and where it comes from.

The measurements taken from the scene put this cat at around 24.9 inches tall, with paw prints the size of a lab. The rancher said, “I tried to capture the cat alive but it was faster than anything I have seen, that thing must run off speed goat fuel (antelope), I ain’t never seen or heard of anything like this, must be one of them high breads.”

Fish and Game along with biologists, third party trackers and local farmers have setup live traps, along with other methods of scouring the area it was last seen in but with no luck. If you see this cat anywhere you are urged to call your local fish and game at 307-867-5309 with an exact description of the location.”


“Strange Cat Spotted Two Days Ago Captured By PETA Members

The strange looking large mystery cat spotted on a ranch yesterday, that sparked a huge search party, was captured and put down by a 35 member PETA crew early this morning.

The groups intentions were to rescue the cat, but after it growled at one of its members, they perceived it as a dangerous species and put it down, to prevent any attacks on the public. The cat has been handed over to state biologists for testing and a full report should be brought forward in 3 to 6 weeks.

Fish and Game rangers said whatever it is, appeared to look like an adult female, possibly looking after 3 to 4 yearling cats and there measurements were spot on, the cat was actually slightly larger than their estimates. PETA says it’s going to track down the rest of the young cats as well, they also stand by their actions on handling the situation and is asking people to continue to donate, so these recovery missions can be possible.

The meat of the animal is being donated to a local homeless shelter.

For full photos of the scene, head over to:”

Are you donating the meat or did you turn her over to the Rangers? You pieces of shit! All of you should go to jail for poaching! All they did was hunt a mountain lion with rare coloring. NOTICE I didn’t say an endangered species? When a hunter harvests an albino deer the human population of self righteous liberals accuse them of killing a unicorn.

Personally, I want to hunt an elk and catch a tuna. They are YUMMY! I eat what I kill. However, I’m now called a terrorist for being affiliated with a group dedicated to responsible gun ownership. WOW!

I’m sure you are right. My guns leave the safe and commit horrific atrocities while I sleep.

I HATE the gun violence in today’s society! However, I KNOW that taking all of them away will never stop a dedicated mass murderer or REAL terrorist. (Unless you have a pencil 🙄 pencils seem to stop gun violence and mass murders.)Just another example of hypocrisy!

A bit of fluff..

On the rerouted flight home due to a hydraulic leak, I find myself next to a physicist who travels across the world to conferences in search of dark matter. He put his computer away for landing, and we started a light hearted conversation. Clearly he is a genius in the scientific field, but we started talking philosophy. Not what I had intended l, I assure you, but we had time to kill.

The responsibility of ultimately finding something so imminently destructive. The impact it would have on the planet. The power to destroy mankind. Does a sceintist worry about the implications? Thse were just some of the “friendly” questions I asked. He informed me that it’s discussed, but the ability to stake claim overshadows thoughts of consequence.

I’m hoping that the hypocrisy is disturbing to someone reading this. The same scientists banging the drum to save the planet are in the race of their lives to find it’s destruction.

So scientists are allowed to pursue, and in most cases subsidized by the government, the planet’s demise…..But loosening regulations to ease the burden of struggling families and small business which MIGHT harm the environment is immoral? They can destroy the world in a blink as long as it’s in the name of science and recognition. Go ahead and blame all the consumers for the destruction of the world. Apparently only Republicans consummed carbon monoxide and voted for special interest groups. Hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Who has the lack of conscience?

It sounds SO GRAND!

My childhood was amazing! My life began with gifts I didn’t know I was lucky to have. Probably 75% of the world’s population would trade with me. Lucky to be in Southern California growing up although as with anything it came with challenges. Laguna Beach is expensive, and even upper middle class feels poor when kids come to school in Porsches and Ferraris.

Having the ocean close, culture galore, full array of ethnicities, and constant entertainment shaped much of me. An occasional serial killer, rapist, missing person, and gay bashing were the crimes of my time. I was raised by a homicide detective who drilled safety and personal responsibility into my core. Mom took me to plays, musicals, concerts, and ballets. We had Disneyland, Sea World, Wild Animal Park, minutes away, and we went! I was a world champion baton twirler and traveled to Chicago and Noter Dame for competitions. My brother was a BMX champion who trained in Pennsylvania.

The great tragedy of my life of course, was the loss of my Father in 1981. Killed suddenly in a plane crash when he was just a young man and I just 7 years old. No matter the practicing, the trips, or the great gifts I was given could fill that void.

After that, we spent part of our summer in Pennsylvania with our Father’s parents. They took us to ALL the historic sites and fun the place had to offer! Liberty Bell, Gettysburg, Williamsburg, Valley Forge, Hershey, but my favorite was when we sailed the Chesapeake, caught blue crab off chicken bones and string, pushed myself off the hull and squished my toes in the silty bay bottom, rowed the dingy all over the bay, slept under the stars and got drenched in beautiful thunderstorms.I smile now remembering those summers.Then back home to epic camping and skiing trips with Aunt Lynda and Lu Lu. Yosemite, Big Bear, Mammoth, Catalina, Brianhead, UT. I was an ok skier, but my Brother was incredible! Mom took us to Aspen one time so Jeff could fly!

All along the California coast was new adventures. Surfing, fishing, volleyball, exploring, swimming, I got a job at a chique cafe where celebrities fluttered in and out undeterred.I was unkind to my Mother as a teenager, as most preteen girls are. My precocious, independent spirit refused all conventional things. I had to graduate 2 years early. I needed to get to college to learn philosophy and become a great actress. Nevermind, I’ll just go work in Hollywood.

In the midst of all this, I was torn and conflicted not understanding who I really was and who I wanted to be. Part of me longed to be an actress, and I had proved to be talented, I worked on TV shows, a few movies, but part of me longed for a simpler life and rejected fame.I have learned to live with this duality, for the most part, albeit it’s a daily torture. When I was younger it caused violent swings. Starting with my sudden move to Springfield, MO. To this day I shake my head and wonder what the hell was I thinking!? The BEST part of moving there was the road trip, with Aunt Lynda and Aunt Lu Lu. Antiquing on the way, stopping at the Grand Canyon to take a helicopter ride, WOW, and Aunt Lynda making a guy on the most wanted list and calling in local authorities to arrest him. The second best part of moving there was my departure from the wretched place.Off to San Francisco I went. This move set a course for my life which led to several poor, desperate choices, heartbreaks, successes, joys, loves, and experiences many dream of, few achieve. Motorcycle trip coast to coast, four trips to Europe, countless trips to Mexico, half a dozen to the Carribean, well over a thousand days at sea, six times driving back and forth across country filled the first half of my life.

That grand upbringing gave me something far more valuable than money, a degree, or success in society’s 401k driven book. It gave me courage to seek many paths and chose several of my own. I was just at a bar in the Portland airport and a woman asked after I gave her a snip of what I have done, “What do you do for a living that allows you to live this life.”“Everything and anything I want or need to.” Is my answer. The sad woman lives in Maui, and is miserable. MOVE!!! My husband is the breadwinner and he’s still working. I’m not going to touch a statement like that as tears well in her eyes. How may people would love to have her life? What is the point if you are miserable?

I’ve risen and fallen, lived a decadent life and a desperate one, I’ve poured my heart into it and almost given up, but I’ve lived! The challenges have been tough; I’ve fought hard! More than once I’ve heard you CAN’T do that. My coaches words always whispered in my head, “Don’t tell me what you can me!”So I do!

Electricity in the air…

I’ve been very busy, 5 companies to run, websites to build, product to buy, people to bargain with, advertising campaigns to run, products to test, list, photograph, optimize, search engine optimization, livestreams, q and a’s, mentoring, classes, programs, dogs, backyard, meet and greets, meetings, new customer, clients, suppliers, taxes, accounting, reports, clean house, do laundry, groceries, doctors, therapy, medicine, throw in a new exercise program, and a fishing trip tomorrow if the weather will settle down.

Which brings me to this which a friend posted tonight. I have had fewer moments of sorrow since I have begun to find success. Too busy to feel bad for something I didn’t do, or morn a friendship that I thought bulletproof.

I saw a beautiful photo of a woman going through chemo with her best friend. Hugging each other the caption read we go through this together. Never to part. It reminded me Bodnar being by my side, and I was sad until I scrolled a bit farther and saw this.

Unbelievable things are happening and I’m the sole creator of them. I wasted too many days, and now is the time to rise and shine! Aunt Lu Lu used to say that every morning. Now, with a touch of, “holy shit I can’t believe I’m doing this, without a net,” I’m charging a whole new path that is completely new to me or my world! Feel the fear and do it anyway, the road less traveled, Dr. Peck I am!

Watch me FLY!!!

It’s the hair..

I have NEVER in my life gotten so much silly attention. I have been equated to EVERY actress and singer who EVER had short hair. I look like everyone, most recently, Esther Williams. I don’t look ANYTHING like her, Bridgette Nielson, Sinead O’Connor, Demi Morre, Charlize Theron or any other famous person. As much as most of you LOVE the hair, I’m tired of it being the most important thing about me….

I left this as a draft because it felt too much like a petty rant. It’s not!

Screw all of you idiots eqating me to ANYONE!! Tonight I was, once again, given the run down of my hair and who I remind YOU of…SOD OFF!

If you don’t know me, leave your comments and equations where they belong, in your tiny, minute, skulls! If I chose to compliment someone, I hardly EVER equate them unless it’s HALLOWEEN! GREAT dress..Elvira!

I don’t look like ANYONE but ME! Get it through your THICK SKULLS!


Keep it to yourself! I am NONE of your business, and if I want your opinion I will give it to you!

Maybe I’ll be Marylin or Jane tomorrow..

I’m no longer a side show act and neither is my FUCKING hair!

I’m ready to put a bag over my head at this point! Now that I think about it, I was never assaulted with these “compliments” like this in Europe. Nor when I have a hat on. I think I will go fishing, I’d rather me mistaken for a man!!!

On the way to the ball…

Tonight is the Garth Brooks concert..BALL! the journey started the second it was announced he was coming to Boise. Although I grew up in “non” country music life, this man’s songs captured my heart from the first song, which I will NEVER forget was “The Dance”.

I knew I wouldn’t miss this experience for ANYTHING. Even knowing the tickets went on sale while I was in Italy. And that is where the subsequent drama began.

I got the call in Rome, “Give me your Garth tickets,” and my card flew out of my wallet on command. I didn’t understand how tickets were available the day before they went on sale. I just accepted the glorious news and continued on my FABULOUS vacation in Italy. Secure in the knowledge that tickets were in my grasp, all stress was eliminated !!

Then the day of, an hour and a half before the concert, I was told by my handheld life support that no cars were available to take us to the event. Not a BIG problem, I have a car. So, on the way to the stadium I continue to try and get an Uber from various locations on the way. I successfully book a car from a local hotel. She is on the way, we get situated in the back of the parking lot.

“Do you have tickets?”

“Yes, right here.” I pull up Ticketmaster on my lifeline. OMG

Get a notice that you must print the tickets. Ok, I can fix this, and while it wasn’t easy I fixed it, got us the best concert EVER!!! Garth Brooks and Blake Shelton.

NOTHING went as planned..leaving the concert was ANOTHER disaster.

Here’s my infinite wisdom…

1) Life is going to throw you curve balls. Breath! People around you will panic in different ways. Stay grounded, don’t join the madness!

2) SHUT UP! Throw a suggestion out, but it’s hardly ever worth it. Offer a solution, no one wants one. I DON’T know why.

3) BE FUCKING HAPPY!! No one can take it, and it’s free!! You decide every second of EVERY day..make YOUR choice! phone crashed. Hope this helps

The simplest question..

A post on social media drew quite a stir this week. A man asked if women ever apologize when they’re wrong

Of course dozens of his female friends were ripe with responses.

I said, “Yes, do you?”

He replied that while he could be a stubborn ass, he did. After so many passionate pleas he ended up apologizing to us which I felt was preposterous. He asked a simple question.

I responded, “I’ve learned 2 great truths in life about people. I cannot control what other people will do. I can control myself and how I react to it. I react badly sometimes and when I do I apologize. Hell, when I’m not wrong I apologize…to a point!

I lost my bestfriend because I will know longer apologize for things I didn’t do. This post strikes a VERY personal response in everyone. We’ve all been wrong and wronged. You have NOTHING to apologize to me for!”

Memories of great friendship gone bad…