Electricity in the air…

I’ve been very busy, 5 companies to run, websites to build, product to buy, people to bargain with, advertising campaigns to run, products to test, list, photograph, optimize, search engine optimization, livestreams, q and a’s, mentoring, classes, programs, dogs, backyard, meet and greets, meetings, new customer, clients, suppliers, taxes, accounting, reports, clean house, do laundry, groceries, doctors, therapy, medicine, throw in a new exercise program, and a fishing trip tomorrow if the weather will settle down.

Which brings me to this which a friend posted tonight. I have had fewer moments of sorrow since I have begun to find success. Too busy to feel bad for something I didn’t do, or morn a friendship that I thought bulletproof.

I saw a beautiful photo of a woman going through chemo with her best friend. Hugging each other the caption read we go through this together. Never to part. It reminded me Bodnar being by my side, and I was sad until I scrolled a bit farther and saw this.

Unbelievable things are happening and I’m the sole creator of them. I wasted too many days, and now is the time to rise and shine! Aunt Lu Lu used to say that every morning. Now, with a touch of, “holy shit I can’t believe I’m doing this, without a net,” I’m charging a whole new path that is completely new to me or my world! Feel the fear and do it anyway, the road less traveled, Dr. Peck I am!

Watch me FLY!!!

It’s the hair..

I have NEVER in my life gotten so much silly attention. I have been equated to EVERY actress and singer who EVER had short hair. I look like everyone, most recently, Esther Williams. I don’t look ANYTHING like her, Bridgette Nielson, Sinead O’Connor, Demi Morre, Charlize Theron or any other famous person. As much as most of you LOVE the hair, I’m tired of it being the most important thing about me….

I left this as a draft because it felt too much like a petty rant. It’s not!

Screw all of you idiots eqating me to ANYONE!! Tonight I was, once again, given the run down of my hair and who I remind YOU of…SOD OFF!

If you don’t know me, leave your comments and equations where they belong, in your tiny, minute, skulls! If I chose to compliment someone, I hardly EVER equate them unless it’s HALLOWEEN! GREAT dress..Elvira!

I don’t look like ANYONE but ME! Get it through your THICK SKULLS!


Keep it to yourself! I am NONE of your business, and if I want your opinion I will give it to you!

Maybe I’ll be Marylin or Jane tomorrow..

I’m no longer a side show act and neither is my FUCKING hair!

I’m ready to put a bag over my head at this point! Now that I think about it, I was never assaulted with these “compliments” like this in Europe. Nor when I have a hat on. I think I will go fishing, I’d rather me mistaken for a man!!!

On the way to the ball…

Tonight is the Garth Brooks concert..BALL! the journey started the second it was announced he was coming to Boise. Although I grew up in “non” country music life, this man’s songs captured my heart from the first song, which I will NEVER forget was “The Dance”.

I knew I wouldn’t miss this experience for ANYTHING. Even knowing the tickets went on sale while I was in Italy. And that is where the subsequent drama began.

I got the call in Rome, “Give me your card..got Garth tickets,” and my card flew out of my wallet on command. I didn’t understand how tickets were available the day before they went on sale. I just accepted the glorious news and continued on my FABULOUS vacation in Italy. Secure in the knowledge that tickets were in my grasp, all stress was eliminated !!

Then the day of, an hour and a half before the concert, I was told by my handheld life support that no cars were available to take us to the event. Not a BIG problem, I have a car. So, on the way to the stadium I continue to try and get an Uber from various locations on the way. I successfully book a car from a local hotel. She is on the way, we get situated in the back of the parking lot.

“Do you have tickets?”

“Yes, right here.” I pull up Ticketmaster on my lifeline. OMG

Get a notice that you must print the tickets. Ok, I can fix this, and while it wasn’t easy I fixed it, got us the best concert EVER!!! Garth Brooks and Blake Shelton.

NOTHING went as planned..leaving the concert was ANOTHER disaster.

Here’s my infinite wisdom…

1) Life is going to throw you curve balls. Breath! People around you will panic in different ways. Stay grounded, don’t join the madness!

2) SHUT UP! Throw a suggestion out, but it’s hardly ever worth it. Offer a solution, no one wants one. I DON’T know why.

3) BE FUCKING HAPPY!! No one can take it, and it’s free!! You decide every second of EVERY day..make YOUR choice!

Sorry..my phone crashed. Hope this helps

The simplest question..

A post on social media drew quite a stir this week. A man asked if women ever apologize when they’re wrong

Of course dozens of his female friends were ripe with responses.

I said, “Yes, do you?”

He replied that while he could be a stubborn ass, he did. After so many passionate pleas he ended up apologizing to us which I felt was preposterous. He asked a simple question.

I responded, “I’ve learned 2 great truths in life about people. I cannot control what other people will do. I can control myself and how I react to it. I react badly sometimes and when I do I apologize. Hell, when I’m not wrong I apologize…to a point!

I lost my bestfriend because I will know longer apologize for things I didn’t do. This post strikes a VERY personal response in everyone. We’ve all been wrong and wronged. You have NOTHING to apologize to me for!”

Memories of great friendship gone bad…

I think, do I?

2019…What a year so far. January in Belize, start nonprofit in February, fishing tournament, San Diego, Cancun, start FBA, learn said FBA (work in progress darling), writing book, Andy’s Animals, Italy, Doctors, therapy, family illness, Relay for Life, first big speech, and now gratefully the CBD company. Half of said year has gone by in a blink.

Friends have been lost and made, health up and down, money here and gone, but what a ride! I’m tired in the best possible way! If I wake up tomorrow it will be filled with a plethora of tasks, but if not I wouldn’t regret a minute!

I’ve fumbled and bumbled this year, but I lived and learned. Still I wish for life and love. Cry in sadness, smile with joy. I want to give it my all, and I hope you will follow! Energy is AMAZING! I’ll share!

Can I

Can I have my stuff?A toy that brings me so much joy? The one I refuse to share.

Can I have my room? A place to be alone?

Clean it up, everything in it’s place.

Can I have my space?I’m so suffocated?

Why do you tell me who to be and where to go?

I can’t live with you telling? Do it better than you. I will! Let me go.

You told me I should and I would need so many things.The house to hide under as it sinks me to the ground.

Furniture must fill to appease the crowd. Family barely waiting for me to arrive.

Pay my bills and taxes. Dress, spic and span, everything that vexes.

Wish I had less. Did I need it ALL?

Alone I stare at these 4 walls..the dream I left behind.

Giving the best that I could to no one who ever would.

They’ll cry for me those rotten tears.

I’ll cry for me the forgotten years.

Scan away..

Another PET scan..woo hoo. I’m surprised I don’t glow green. I’ve had more scans than I can count, but I think this makes 5 PETs. The only bitch about them is you have to sit in a room for an hour while the juju courses through the blood stream. No eating certain foods, drinking only clear fluids, just fun stuff all the way around.

Ok, now they’re saying I don’t have a scan. Great, I skipped breakfast for nothing. I still have other appointments so at St. Al’s waiting for labs. (Blood test.) I think of all the time I spent here last year. Easily 1/4 of the year, just spanned throughout. It’s nice to see all my friends here, although I prefer it outside the hospital like at the Relay for Life. Needless to say, I’m here to pick and poke.

Low and behold they do want a scan, just doing a ct scan instead, and at 4 PM. Just where you want to be before rush hour traffic. The hospital..ugg. Yet as the dutiful patient I am, I go for the test. They plunge the iodine in and it makes you warm and fuzzy all over. Makes you feel like you peed your pants. SERIOUSLY! The first one I had the nurse failed to mention it, and I was afraid to stand up after. I would have bet good money that I peed my pants. These are quick, took 15 minutes and I was barreling through town to beat the rush.

Traffic in Boise has reached major city status in the last 2 years. People keep pouring in by the thousands, and don’t think how they are corrupting this small town, turning it into the place they are fleeing from. I would say wait, until they’ve poured in and perhaps housing costs in Southern California will go back to reasonable prices, but that’s NEVER going to happen.

Ok, so result day. First nurse down, vitals look awesome, second nurse down, went over prescription refills, and now the wait for…drum roll please..


My savior, the woman who burned my mouth up until the cancer was GONE! (Along with the skin covering my jaw bone, but that’s ok!) The reason I will most likely die of skin cancer, because I have had my lifetime exposure to radiation. Better hope I don’t get it again or I will end up like Beth Chapman who sadly passed away yesterday. For those of you who don’t know, Beth was the President of the Bail Association while I was a bail bondsman. She and her husband, Dog the Bounty Hunter, had a TV show about recovering fugitives. She was a strong, powerful woman who beat Cancer in 2017, only for it to return the following year. She will be missed by a large, loving family, and my prayers go out to them.

This is why I GET EVERYTHING CHECKED! SO SHOULD YOU!!!! She felt something was wrong for 2 months and ignored it. NEVER ignore your body. Pay attention and talk to a Doc! Not sure about the treatment? Talk to another Doc! Don’t be afraid to get multiple opinions!!!

All clear on the cancer front..thyroid is VERY bad. We are working on fixing!